MADAGASCAR FIXER, Malagasy film professionals secures productions in Madagascar


a deeper understanding of the processes involved in film production within Madagascar


It takes more than a simple facilitation to film in Madagascar, but the authentic expertise of a Malagasy local in both country insights and international film production standards...

Madagascar, undoubtedly one of the world's most unique film destinations, offers exclusive film locations and captivating cultural expressions which encompass a vibrant array of stories to film. Yet, harnessing the potential of this stunning Red Island for a successful film production requires more than just its striking beauty. It demands a profound understanding of the do's and don'ts rooted in the island's cultural heritage, vital for ensuring the safety of your project. How many fady are important to be known before bringing a camera in some remote locations ?How to provide power in the middle of the bush ?

In this remarkable setting, a peculiar challenge has emerged – a surge of self-proclaimed film production facilitators, often tour guides or individuals aspiring to be one, attempting to provide services to the film industry. This trend presents a substantial risk to international film production companies looking to shoot in Madagascar. To guarantee the safety and success of your film, it's imperative that you entrust your production needs to a seasoned Malagasy expert who not only possesses invaluable insights into the country but is well-versed in international film production standards.

FILMING IN MADAGASCAR team shared with us how they had a rather eye-opening encounter with a tourism professional not too long ago. He is a devoted soul to devop film tourism in Madagascar, which is a noticeable act of courage. However it was astonishing to realize that he had no discernible understanding of the stark contrast between traditional tourists and film professionals travelling to Madagascar to shoot a movie. This encounter underscored the inherent danger in failing to grasp this distinction, as it can lead to complications, miscommunications, and, potentially, jeopardize the success and safety of a film production in a foreign land.

In the scope of film production, getting the right support can make all the difference between a successful project and a chaotic disaster. It's a common dilemma for filmmakers working in exotic locations like Madagascar: Should you hire a tour guide or a film production facilitator? A film production facilitator like MADAGASCAR FIXER is the clear choice.

First should be considered expertise beyond sightseeing, which means that professional Tour guides are fantastic when you want to explore the scenic wonders and cultural gems of a foreign land. They're your ticket to beautiful landscapes and local traditions, but when it comes to film production, there's more to the story. Of course, their unique knowledge can significantly assist during the pre-production phase, aiding in research and guiding ground producer to accurate locations for exploration.

Film production facilitators, including film fixer and ground producer assisted by otherr production crew memberrs, are on-ground experts who not only understand the vision within a brief and a moodboard sent by the producer of the director, or even the DOP, but also understand the nitty-gritty of the filmmaking process. They can assist in securing permits, scouting ideal locations, arranging equipment, and connecting with reliable local talents (which is particularly vital in a country with no film school). This comprehensive knowledge ensures that a film intention goes off without a hitch.

Secondly, the local Knowledge vs. filmmaking insight enclose a very differrent perspective on travelling to Madagascar to shoot a movie...
While tour guides can offer insights into the history and culture of a place, film production facilitators bring a unique set of skills to the table. They're often local professionals who've grown up in the region and have firsthand experience in the film industry. This means they understand the local dynamics, know the right people, and are aware of the logistical challenges that can arise during a shoot.

The collaborative efforts of the ground producer, with valuable support from the fixer and frequently, the Unit Production Manager, that truly make them the industry professionals responsible for effectively managing risk assessment. They are responsible of an international's film production safety and success.
The prowess of problem-solving in the fast-paced world of film production, unexpected issues can crop up at any moment. A film production facilitator is well-versed in troubleshooting and can quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Unlike Madagascar Fixer team, they can help to navigate through language barriers, handle logistics, and make last-minute adjustments, ensuring that a film project stays on track and runs in a smooth way, even when unexpected events happens.

Engaging with a professional, regardless of the industry, is a fundamental step towards saving time and energy. Traditional tourism professionals cater to individuals planning vacations, and while their expertise is valuable, the back-and-forth exchange of imprecise options simply doesn't align with the precision required in film production. Film production demands a level of expertise beyond what's found in a holiday catalog; it's about delivering on unique and intricate requirements, not leisure activities.

Filmmaking is a time-sensitive endeavor. With a tour guide, you might spend valuable hours researching, planning, and making arrangements on your own. In contrast, a film production facilitator streamlines the process, freeing you up to focus on the creative aspects of your project. You save both time and energy, which can be better utilized in capturing your vision on camera.
In conclusion, when you're embarking on a film production journey in a foreign location, a film production facilitator should be your go-to choice. They bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and problem-solving skills to the table, ensuring your project runs smoothly and successfully. 

While tour guides, or experienced tourism professionals are excellent for exploration and indisputable partners to pre-production, film production facilitators are the accurate professionals bringing a film production to a safe reality. An international film production, even a local project made for international audience, is not a dream and requires precision, accuracy and fast answers... So is the reality for the need of the accurate professionals, hired at the right place, at the right time.