Madagascar Fixer online : Brief & Bid 24/7, and receive your film production estimate in less than 24 hours !


It takes less than 24hrs to MADAGASCAR FIXER to send to any production company a gross estimate of line production services in Madagascar.

Once creative brief is received by MADAGASCAR FIXER production team, each element is carefully examined to evaluate the feasibility of the production, the crew and logistics needed, the permits requirements and, of course get in the specifics to supply your production with the most accurate film production services in Madagascar.  Filing the brief form online results in a budget-wise, efficient and fast to revert proposal from FILMING IN MADAGASCAR.

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Each production is different, each creative brief vary from a vision to another. 
In such a vibrant film territory as Madagascar, each film location requires a different pre-production process, even if the national filming permit is a standard one.  

Feed MADAGASCAR FIXER team with the details of your production.
MADAGASCAR FIXER team will be happy to revert in a short time to assist film professionals in having a clear overview of their production requirements to film in Madagascar.
All you have to do is to fill MADAGASCAR FIXER's online  production brief in a click : jump to . It's fast, easy, available 24/7 and linked directly to MADAGASCAR FIXER team.

MADAGASCAR FIXER online brief results in the deep understanding of the needs of your next film production in Madagascar. Combining a budget-wise proposal with relevant advice responding to major production concerns (filming permit, safety, logistics, feasibility, etc...) MADAGASCAR FIXER team is able to identify the most accurate information you will need to go further in the production process.  
You will need to answer to some basic information such as :

- What is the nature of your production (feature film, documentary, commercial, corporate, fiction, TV show, series, etc.) ? All motion picture projects are exciting, but it needs to determine a format to serve production at the best !

- Where is the project located ? Malagasy language has an array of beautiful and meaningful long names for places, but it happens very often that misspelling leads to confusion in the exact location you intend to film. Logistics concerns matters here, as MADAGASCAR FIXER team needs to plan for accommodation, catering, gear storage, emergency infrastructure, nearby airport if available, etc... 

- When do you intend to shoot ? Madagascar is a continent island with strongly diverse climates which vary according to time of the year and... location... It is vital for MADAGASCAR FIXER team to know asap about your schedule to advise you at the best about the weather, the climate risk... and to calculate additional timeline essentials such as travel days, characters availability, crew and gear bookings, permits application deadlines, facilitation process schedule, etc. 
We're talking about having the crew coming back with expected contents, budget impact, deadlines... As always in production, time is the key...

- How many shooting days are you looking at, how many crew members ?
- Do you think about hiring 
- Will you bring your own film equipment or do you mean to rent some film gear locally ?
- Have you started a preliminary research on the topics, locations, etc. or do you want MADAGASCAR FIXER to conduct a research on your behalf ?

As mentioned above, those questions are basics but essential to shape up a first estimate on any film production process, with necessary comments  for a better approach of the rates and process to film in MADAGASCAR.

What is not in the brief but will added later to MADAGASCAR FIXER proposal :
MADAGASCAR FIXER will need some precise health information about international crew members, in order to set up the most appropriate COVID 19 production protocole and to plan the most appropriate evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

Request an estimate anytime !
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