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In just under 24 hours, MADAGASCAR FIXER is delivering a no-fuss estimate for production services in Madagascar.

When your creative brief lands in our hands, our production team swing into action. We meticulously dissect every requirement, scrutinizing the feasibility, crew, logistics, permit prerequisites, and, most importantly, your unique production needs. Go ahead, fill out the brief online, and watch as we conjure up a budget-savvy, turbocharged proposal that'll leave FILMING IN MADAGASCAR your top choice for a memorable shoot!

Every production is unique, and every creative brief varies from one vision to another. In a dynamic film territory like Madagascar, each film location demands a distinctive pre-production process, even if the national filming permit remains a standard requirement.

Share your production's details with the MADAGASCAR FIXER team, and we'll be thrilled to promptly provide film professionals with a comprehensive overview of their production requirements in Madagascar. It's as simple as filling out MADAGASCAR FIXER's online production brief with just a single click: visit It's fast, user-friendly, accessible around the clock, and directly connects you to our team.
Completing the MADAGASCAR FIXER online brief results in a profound understanding of your upcoming film production needs in Madagascar. We merge a budget-savvy proposal with pertinent advice addressing major production concerns such as filming permits, safety, logistics, and feasibility. The MADAGASCAR FIXER team is adept at identifying the most accurate information required to propel your production forward.

Here are some essential questions we'll need you to answer:

  • What type of production is it (feature film, documentary, commercial, corporate, fiction, TV show, series, etc.)? While all motion picture projects are exhilarating, specifying the format allows us to serve your production optimally.
  • Where is the project located? Malagasy place names are beautiful but often long and can lead to confusion. Location identification is crucial for planning logistics, including accommodation, catering, gear storage, emergency infrastructure, and nearby airports if available.
  • When do you plan to shoot? Madagascar's diverse climates vary with the time of the year and location. Early knowledge of your schedule is vital to advise you on weather, climate risks, and to calculate additional timeline essentials, such as travel days, character availability, crew and gear bookings, permit application deadlines, and facilitation process schedules. In production, timing is a key factor to a shooting success.
  • How many shooting days and crew members are you considering?
  • Are you thinking of hiring locally? Gear ? Crew ?
  • Will you bring your own film equipment or rent locally?
  • Have you started preliminary research on topics, locations, etc., or would you like MADAGASCAR FIXER to conduct research on your behalf?
These questions may be basic, but they are essential in shaping an initial estimate for any film production, completed with necessary comments to evaluate efficiently logistic plan, schedule feasibility and resources requirements first. Such information contribute to a better understanding of the rates and the process of filming in MADAGASCAR.

What is not included in the brief will be added later to MADAGASCAR FIXER proposal :
MADAGASCAR FIXER will need some precise health information about international crew members, in order to set up the most appropriate meal plan, to knwo about allergies, and many details that sets a production protocole ahead of the shoot.

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